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Lemenic was founded in 2008. Through cooperation with 107 world-renowned medical institutions, such as Mayo Clinic from America, MD Anderson Cancer Center from America, LMU from Germany, Revital Aspach from Austria, Hirslanden Hospital Group from Switzerland, Seoul JS Hospital from Korea, Lemenic has carried out worldwide services concerning disease referral, health care and anti-aging. It is one of the earliest overseas medical service providers in China.

In accordance with the international medical trend of globalization and professionalization, Lemenic has innovated service model of overseas medical care, and has transformed gradully from the “go abroad to see a doctor” intermediary service provider into systematic health management service provider, with the core service of domestic rehabilitation + international referral.

With great support from the relevant department of Shenzhen municipal government, Lemenic has introduced international medical experts and advanced service model. Via the world’s most cutting-edge biotechnology and cooperation with international institutions as Aspach Austria, JS Hospital Korea etc, Bodyyoung institute, Lemenic has founded the first international medical service center in China. Bodyyoung international rehabilitation center is located in the famous OCT park and is the first registered international rehabilitation center in Shenzhen.

Thus, the focus is to develop service in China about rehabilitation , international medical care, health care, anti-aging and overseas referral.



Based on the holistic medicine concept: nutrition, cell energy, mind, movement and detoxification, provide anti-aging rehabilitation services

health care

Achieve early detection of chronic disease, standardized treatment, to control their condition, improve the quality of life, prevent and delay the occurrence of complications.


Cooperate with professional rehabilitation institutions as Revital Aspach, Medical park etc, and provide patients comprehensive rehabilitation services after cardiovascular and cerebrovascular surgery, tumor surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Overseas referral

Lemenic provides referral services of the global top 10 hospitals, covering cancer, blood diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and digestive diseases, etc.

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    Lemenic Health center

    Lemenic health center is established by Lemenic medical group with international medical resources, based on the holistic medicine concept, through introducing advanced technology, equipment, experts, management system, combined with domestic high-end medical market demands. The 6 “City health center” in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shenyang combine with the “Community health station and build together the offline health service network, providing the health products about body check, anti-aging, treatment and rehabilitation, offline international medical experience platform for domestic high-end clients. And it also provides clients, technology exchanges, products experience and brand service for the international medical institutions in the world’s largest medical market.


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